Graduated [adjective]

Definition of Graduated:

granted a degree

Synonyms of Graduated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Graduated:


Sentence/Example of Graduated:

He graduated at Yale college, and at the commencement of hostilities was appointed to the chief command of the Connecticut troops.

Plain and graduated tubes accompany the instrument; milk-tubes (Fig. 128) must be purchased separately.

She is a country school-ma'am, and is to be graduated this month in the Normal School in Mayville, where you are visiting.

Lily aped the manners of girls who had long since graduated from school and were flashy in their dress and manners.

He graduated as a lieutenant in 1852, and for some years was attached to the staff college as an assistant professor.

He pointed to a needle that was moving with slow certainty and deadly persistence across a graduated dial.

The graduated scale was a complete failure, and equally injurious to the purchaser and consumer.

The ladle (cyathus, Fig. 127) held about one-twelfth of a pint, or more probably was graduated by twelfths.

Last March there graduated at the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania one of these self-supporting young men.

He graduated at Edinburgh in 1777, and settled in Carlisle where he practised till his death.