Graduation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Graduation:

Facebook says creating a profile requires only a college email address and graduation year— it’s up to you to add any other information.

I think you said 21 when you got your first show, even before you walked in your college graduation.

The day after graduation, he flew to Seattle and started in Amazon’s “Pathways” leadership development program.

She and Adamos started an online campaign for Sweetwater teachers to show their support to have the course become a graduation requirement at every school in the district.

We need kids to be able to see their perspective in history and that goes hand in hand with graduation rates.

I’m disappointed that I won’t have a complete senior year, and that there’s the distinct possibility I’ll celebrating graduation online.

Helen Ervin's life in a private school for girls at San Francisco had been uneventful until her graduation.

Phœbe's graduation from the Greenwald High School was her red-letter day.

Since the power thus gradually percolates, a continuity and graduation of superiority and inferiority must develop itself.

Right after graduation, he was made second lieutenant of Engineers and for some time he was busy looking after our coast defenses.