Grain [noun]

Definition of Grain:

seed, piece

Synonyms of Grain:

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Sentence/Example of Grain:

This vast country with enormous agricultural resources having to turn to its archenemy for grain.

A mid-June survey from Meijer’s campaign found him ahead of Afendoulis by 24 points, 41 percent to 17 percent, although we should take internal polls with a grain of salt.

Scary radiation effects seen in lab animals or cell cultures should be taken with a grain of salt.

County officials told NBC 7 San Diego to take the increases with a grain of salt.

This allowed the vehicle to trundle up hills of loose grains.

When the Scottish botanist Robert Brown observed the chance jiggling of pollen grains in water in 1827, his name was permanently wedded to the most famous type of random movement.

Thus Ostia became the main entry point for the overseas grain that was imported from Sicily and Sardinia.

On the economic level, the bigger castles also served as industrial and agricultural centers with mills tailored to grain and olive oil production – as mentioned by David Nicolle.

It’s found in breads and other foods made with certain grains.

And I have not had the first morsel of food prepared from this grain offered me since I reached the shores of Europe.