Grammatical [adjective]

Definition of Grammatical:

pertaining to syntax

Synonyms of Grammatical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grammatical:

Sentence/Example of Grammatical:

Both share the same grammatical structure but one has changed its meaning more than the other.

The two lines are as closely connected as grammatical construction and the expression of thought could make them.

It is not grammatical; grammar would require that has (not is, as in l. 479) should be understood before the pp.

The language of the Félibres had now a fixed orthography and definite grammatical form.

Giffords emendation to lived for the sake of grammatical regularity, which is followed by all later editors, is unwarranted.

Do you think there is a grammatical error in the third sentence of this paragraph?

Therefore, grammatical rules and definitions are, or should be, deduced from the language.

But this is not all; when I had examined this passage attentively, I found it also to be lacking in grammatical meaning.

It is true that many of the grammatical principles of the Algonquin languages, are also developed in other stocks.

Indeed, does the genus of quality contain both White, and a particular white; or Grammar, and some particular grammatical science?