Gramps [noun]

Definition of Gramps:

elderly person

Synonyms of Gramps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gramps:


Sentence/Example of Gramps:

They stole back, remembering to be very quiet in order not to awaken Gramps and Granny, and sat on the wagon tongue.

Granny and Gramps were living proof that people could dare to cross a new frontier and live.

Gramps had said that Pete's remaining horses, the big work team and Thunder, were not very fast.

Lou hurried back into the living room and handed Gramps the will.

Bud was twenty yards from the house when Gramps Bennett came around one corner.

At first glance Gramps seemed to be a huge man, but after a second look you saw that he merely seemed huge because he was short.

A stubby white beard almost hid Gramps' lips and he had an aquiline nose, piercing eyes and a leonine mane of white hair.

Bud was almost reeling with fatigue and he was grateful when Gramps pumped a basin of water for him to wash in.

Bud turned for a last look at the dog before Gramps opened the door and he entered the kitchen to meet Gram.

Bud said nothing as he turned to follow Gramps out of the kitchen, but he was not worried.