Granddad [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Granddad:

Matter of fact, everybody sort of looks up to him as the town granddad.

Besides, I've heard Granddad tell about the Rookery, as he calls it, many times.

I worried so that I hardly slept, and Granddad woke me three or four times to know if you had come back.

I don't know jes what it wuz about, but I reckon my granddad wuz right, and I'll see it through.

And it made me think of my granddad to see what he had on his head—a reg'lar nightcap, tassel and all.

My granddad writ it on his sword-blade in clear round print letters I've often marvelled at the skill of.

And I'd be a real Whittaker, a man who should stand for somethin', as my dad and granddad did afore me.

Shadrach Wingate, Seth's granddad 'twas, tried to fix up a dicker with him for a boat he had.

She saw that they grew spiteful when they spoke to one another, and in her heart she sided with "Granddad."

It will be fun, because it isn't often that I cook for anyone but Granddad and myself.