Grandest [adjective]

Definition of Grandest:

impressive, great

Opposite/Antonyms of Grandest:

Sentence/Example of Grandest:

If this were not permissible, the number of the grandest creations of artistic genius would be most seriously limited.

Joseph Guarnerius appears to have endeavoured to produce the grandest tone, combining majesty and refinement.

“I have mixed much in English society, since I was a child,” replied Aristide, in his grandest manner.

It aspired to rise to a knowledge of God as the supremest wisdom and grandest attainment of mortal man.

Her touch-word, 'scissors,' spoiled his finest bon mots, and embittered his grandest entertainment—it was flame to tow.

Certainly this last race was the grandest ever sailed for the America Cup, and we may be proud of our representative.

The story of the Gracchi constitutes one of the strangest, grandest, and saddest stories in the whole course of history.

On every side towered the immense peaks of one of the loftiest spurs of the grandest mountain chain of America.

I'm goin' to call you Abraham—Abraham Lincoln the grandest name in the world to-day.

It was in himself—he had the noblest heart, the grandest nature!