Grandiose [adjective]

Definition of Grandiose:

theatrical, extravagant

Synonyms of Grandiose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grandiose:

Sentence/Example of Grandiose:

Saints running back Alvin Kamara tests positive for coronavirus, could miss first playoff gamePlanning is proceeding for a Super Bowl that will be conducted in far less grandiose fashion than those in previous years.

At times, Musk has given grandiose presentations of the rocket and his plans to one day build a city on Mars.

Data show their grandiose plans do not boost a company’s performance.

Rather than compete with grandiose ambitions, their websites reference each other and connect voters to secretaries of state and election registrars around the nation.

For what is clear throughout this research is that it is substance that counts the most, not grandiose plans or powerful rhetoric.

Was it for some grandiose, impossible chimera, that he had taken men from quiet useful lives and the simple round of kindliness?

Within sixty seconds he sat in state, wearing a grandiose yellow dressing-gown.

She really had the heroical aspect in a grandiose-grotesque, fitted to some lines of Ariosto.

The llano had appeared to them in its grandiose majesty, and a cry of delight had burst from breasts so long oppressed by fear.

It has been called fairylike, a caprice of grandiose ideas, and enchanted, and these words describe it well enough.