Grandma [noun]

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Some joked that she resembled a cold grandma attending a soccer game, or a New Yorker trying to enjoy outdoor dining in the winter.

The head was for my grandma to boil down and use for tamales.

Yet, these moments are hamstrung by poor animations and unnatural dialogue, such as Sam saying, “You look like I just ran over your grandma” when his girlfriend rejects his marriage proposal.

“I felt like you have no voice if you are against the masks — you are looked at like you don’t like people, you want their grandma to die,” said Dupree.

“You’d be maximally infectious just as you’re kissing grandma, and that’s what we’re trying to avoid,” she said.

For example, he’ll switch back to phone calls to replace his weekly video chats with his grandma.

Her mother had inherited a small fortune from Agnes' grandma and this Barr had sought to secure.

"I feel quite sure he will, should nothing happen to prevent," said Grandma Elsie.

I'm most sure Grandma Elsie wouldn't forget to include you in her invitation; and, oh, yes!

She was out in them now, watching for the coming of her father, eager to see him and to hear how it was with dear Grandma Elsie.