Grandness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Grandness:

A dark silhouette, large and long, an image of grandness in immensity—thus appeared the Queen of the Sudan.

No one can imagine the vastness, the black darkness, the sombre grandness of those pine forests of Finland.

It is because, I think, of a certain grandness—grandeur seems too strong—in his character.

Only the fancied grandness of the practice lets them repeat it.

The grandness of nature there has influenced the imaginations of the people.

It's good to have grandness somewhere, or else nobody would have any place to stretch in.

He did not want anything to occur to spoil the grandness of his proposed spread.

Trees of great magnitude give a grandness of character to any landscape, but especially to river scenery.

I catch a glimpse of the grandness of your sister's meaning.

I expect no grandness, and I am sure you expect no forgetfulness.