Grandpa [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Grandpa:

The only issue now is explaining that music video to her grandpa.

"You know there are many gold and silver mines in California," continued grandpa.

The old lady was taken home, and grandpa and Johnny's father started off, quite naturally in the wrong direction, for Johnny.

If my father is strict and stern sometimes, he's ever so much better and kinder than Grandpa Dinsmore.

Grandpa feels that he is growing old, and has done enough of that kind of work.

Well, she and your grandpa would sit and argue about that name, and after I don't know how long they settled on William Carleton.

But do you think Grandpa Jim would approve of what I am doing?

Aft-er a few min-utes the child said, 'No, Grandpa, I can't do it.'

Well, why weren't you ever afraid the Rebels would whip the Unions, Grandpa?

If I'd been in your place, Grandpa, and they'd let me be in that parade, I'd been right up by the band.