Grandparents [noun]

Definition of Grandparents:

member of a family

Synonyms of Grandparents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grandparents:


Sentence/Example of Grandparents:

Her grandparents were Italian emigrants, and she had fine black eyes and a beautiful mouth.

I don't 'member much 'bout my grandparents, just a little mother tole me 'bout 'em.

These carts were crowded with German families of the usual size, children, parents and grandparents.

In the five months since Ikey had come to stay with his grandparents the boys had become almost inseparable.

I cannot say; but this I know, that the grandparents of most of these boys and girls were once young with me.

Antique pieces of furniture had been brought over from the great house, as had the portraits of Raisky's parents and grandparents.

You're too young yet to know what is for the good of grown men and women who are old enough to be your parents and grandparents.

Our grandparents thought they were as comfortable as possible, and they were, because they did not know any better.

Her little son, Star-boy, was now an orphan, and the death of his grandparents deprived him of all his earthly kindred.

The child did all the housework for her rheumatic and ignorant grandparents and took care of the stock.