Granny [noun]

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Wood predicts the granny style will be stronger than ever in 2021.

In 2017, the city exceeded new state laws to make it easier and cheaper for homeowners to build granny flats – standalone second homes – on their properties.

Property owners can right now build granny flats on single-family lots.

"Never mind granny," she said, when they reached the house and Mandy stopped to say how d'ye to the old woman in the chair.

Probably he was some kin to old Granny Harris, who had distant connections in the North, some one suggested.

Mr. Jake comes an' he can't, so he hauls off an' kicks granny, mashin' her stomick in.

But it's your manner; you seem in such a hurry always to explain that granny wasn't our own grandmother.'

But at Stannesley, where we lived before, granny always got us very nice dresses: she used often to send to London for them.

The way that she seemed to start up just when—so soon after we had lost dear granny, and in a sense our home.'

Old-fashioned sweets were sold in it, and the place was long known as “Granny Bird's toffy shop.”