Granted [adverb]

Definition of Granted:

allowed, accepted

Synonyms of Granted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Granted:

Sentence/Example of Granted:

"Granted; as many as you like," he returned, glancing down into her eyes that were full of thoughtfulness and some speculation.

Instead of the expected general amnesty, only a few special pardons were granted.

In 1622 a monopoly of the importation of tobacco was granted to the Virginia and Somers Island, companies.

If the high wage is paid and the short hours are granted, then the price of the thing made, so it seems, rises higher still.

He granted her continuance at home, till the year of her noviciate; but that year must come, and it will commence next January.

The boon was granted, and I remember the wave of delight that swept over us, and how we enjoyed the long summer evenings.

It is thus that I have seen it stated in the credentials granted to the said Fleuche, first Patriarch of those lands.

We idlers had permission granted us to land and visit the town, in which, however, we found but little to admire.

Charles granted for this joke what the utmost real services looked for in vain.

The captain begged permission to accompany us on shore; this was immediately granted, and the whole ceremony was completed.