Grantee [noun]

Definition of Grantee:

person who gains, benefits

Synonyms of Grantee:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grantee:


Sentence/Example of Grantee:

Pack apparently sought Caplin’s advice because the news organizations involved are government grantees, not direct government agencies, and it was not clear how much authority Pack had to replace their leadership.

These requirements were imposed on grantees in December 2016, the second-to-final month of Obama administration.

Many grantees have asked for basic telehealth equipment, including subscriptions to Mahmee, says Godbolt, who directs the Access Project as part of her work at the National Birth Equity Collaborative.

In 2018, the first year of Vermont’s project that pays grantees $10,000 over the course of two years, 87 people moved to the northeastern state, far exceeding the organizers’ expectations.

Suppose a deed were mailed to the grantee, or handed to another person to deliver to the grantee, this would be a good delivery.

The lawyers bought it from the heir of the first grantee, and since 1733 have enjoyed the Inn rent-free.

Both may be withdrawn, not only when the grantee abuses the protection, but also for military expediency.

A charter granted by the state to a company is a contract, and equally binding to the state as to the grantee.

Sir Richard had, I think, two sons, whose veins were impregnated by the grantee himself.

No such evidence being produced a final record of the patent was to be made and a copy given to the original grantee.