Grants [noun]

Definition of Grants:

allowance, gift

Synonyms of Grants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grants:

Sentence/Example of Grants:

Clark acknowledged all cheer team members were invited to the optional club practices except Grant’s daughter and Ingalls’ daughter.

In sum, as Grant wrote last year, “Managers are constantly betting on the wrong people—and turning down the right ones.”

Bradford used the money to pay her previously full-time workers for their reduced hours, which meant that the loan should turn into a grant.

A McKinsey analysis of 54 countries estimates that governments had committed $10 trillion by June, through grants, loans, and furlough payments to unemployment benefits and welfare.

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He forwarded a couple emails from his city account to his labor account containing information about a development project and a state grant.

Those administering scholarship and grant programs must consider how to reach underserved populations.

The county approved around $17 million in grants for businesses, Hueso said.

Tailored more specifically to small businesses than PPP funding was, the bill would make $120 billion accessible to restaurants, in the form of grants that — unlike PPP loans — would not need to be paid back.

They liked the command, athleticism and family history of Plesac, the nephew of former major leaguer Dan Plesac, and Grant thought he would have been selected earlier if not for an injury.