Granulates [verb]

Definition of Granulates:

crush into tiny pieces

Synonyms of Granulates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Granulates:


Sentence/Example of Granulates:

The great question was would the syrup granulate; and hundreds gathered to watch the experiment.

It did granulate, and the first product sold for twelve thousand dollars—a large sum at that time.

The abdomen is finely granulate and at the lower edge of each scutum there are eight heavy, short, simple hairs.

Cephalothorax finely granulate and heavy, simple spine-like hairs placed in a definite order.

It is stuffed with iodoform gauze, which is changed daily, and the cavity is allowed to granulate up from the bottom.

Take from fire, stir until it begins to granulate a little about the sides of the pan, and then pour into a greased pan.

Marginal cost alternating with thick puncta; centre finely granulate with subtriangular elevations.

If forged at a dark-red heat the iron generally will granulate or crack open and weaken the metal.

It is then deposited on great wooden tables to cool, and granulate into complete crystals of about the size of a pin's head.

Dr. Morris: I am glad to have that observation that the wounds did not granulate and heal well.