Granules [noun]

Definition of Granules:

tiny particles in the air

Synonyms of Granules:

Opposite/Antonyms of Granules:

Sentence/Example of Granules:

It is lobate in form and is divided by lines into areas in each of which a deeply-stained granule is situated.

This is an extremely small granule, on the very limit of visibility, the chemical composition of which is not known very well.

This granule is the water bottle drained to the last drop, is the nurse's breast emptied of all its contents.

With intense dry heat, as in toasting, the granule expands and opens, and the contents change to dextrin.

The ovum destined to become a new creature, is originally only a cell with a contained granule.

The similarity in the pictures ought to serve as a proof of the near relation of the granule form and non-granule varieties.

Again, Grixoni74 found, but did not isolate, a similar granule-forming organism (Bacterium sardous)111 in Sardinian gioddu.

According to him the granule formation is rather variable, and may be induced or suppressed by cultural methods.

The great resemblance this colony bears to those formed by the granule bacillus from Yoghourt will be apparent.

Shredded preparation cultivated in milk for twenty-four hours at 37° C. Diplostreptococci and granule bacillus.