Grapevine [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Grapevine:

My mother found out by the "Grapevine telegraph" that I was going to be carried to Kentucky.

We had eaten our supper and were seated on the ground, under a high, branching tree into which was trained a huge grapevine.

We briskly project ourselves to and fro in a swing of Nature's own contriving, namely, the tendrils of the wild grapevine.

We need another axeman to clear away the fallen trees and break the nets of grapevine.

A corpse was bound to it by a binding of grapevine and the two ends of the stretcher rested upon the shoulders of the bearers.

The various applications recommended in this work for the destruction of insects, are useful on the grapevine.

Felix didn't make a grapevine rope, did he, and pull me up the cliff?

Susanna's clothes-line and Moses' grapevine wire supported grinning Jacks innumerable.

The blue still pressed, here in disorder, here with a steady front, toward the grapevine bridge across the Chickahominy.

The latter was directed to cross the Chickahominy with all his force by the Grapevine Bridge, and to pursue with eagerness.