Graphics [noun]

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He turned our baggage out on to a mat, and evidently meant to overhaul it thoroughly, when a few Daily Graphics caught his eye.

The many images of the original are inline here as grayscale graphics in PNG format, scaled to 480 or 512 pixels width.

Unfortunately, but by no accident, this metaphor was taken over in computer graphics.

But in that case you are tied to call, and this fixity of programme is objected to by 'Graphics.'

The original cover was modified to include graphics from the article.

The same holds true for the disciplines of visualization: drawing, computer graphics, design.

A friend had lent me two Graphics, which I left on my blanket for a few minutes while I went the rounds.

This would have placed "Graphics" alongside of the copy-book and the spelling-book.

Two damaged word puzzles have been restored in a graphics program, using the page-scans of the damaged originals as patterns.