Graphite [noun]

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At everyday pressures on Earth’s surface, carbon’s most stable state is graphite.

If you stack normal, flat graphene layers, they clump together and you end up with graphite again.

The lithium ions tuck between the atom-thin layers of the graphite.

If red is desired, use rouge; if black is preferred, use lampblack or powdered graphite.

The most common solid employed as a lubricant is graphite, sometimes termed “plumbago” or “black lead.”

For lathe centers, one part of graphite and four parts of tallow thoroughly mixed and applied will be very serviceable.

It is found that current will pass through such a bulb only from the graphite to the mercury but not in the reverse direction.

When I left, he had a gang pulling out graphite blocks with RC-tongs.

Graphite will also whiten copper, but the film is easily rubbed off.

These powders may contain borax or salt, and to prevent a hard, brittle weld, graphite or ferro-silicon may be added.