Grapplers [noun]

Definition of Grapplers:

nail of animal; tool shaped like nail of an animal

Synonyms of Grapplers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grapplers:


Sentence/Example of Grapplers:

When Timéa looked out of the cabin window, she only saw that Timar stood at the bow with a grappler in his hand.

As darkness was coming on, we did not stop to examine them, but steamed on towards Port Grappler, where we anchored for the night.

I was at Plymouth dreading to hear of him; he sent in letters, but the Grappler was under orders for Portsmouth.

At six, A.M., December 30th, all was in readiness for the Grappler to leave the harbour.

I saw it strike the cable steamship Grappler broadside on and capsize her.