Grappling [verb]

Definition of Grappling:

grab, wrestle

Synonyms of Grappling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grappling:

Sentence/Example of Grappling:

The time of hard grappling with the overwhelming fulness of actuality is over.

Peter was moved not only because this was his son but because here was a fellow human being grappling with the common enemy.

Grappling for broken cable On the way from Misamis to Iligan, 87.

And well for him her grasping handAnd grappling arm were strong!

Already he was far away on a new line of thought, while the other was still grappling with his first surprise.

As a matter of fact, we pulled away great chunks of the masonry with the grappling irons, and brought some of it back with us.

Dot saw the cables with the grappling hooks swing over her head and dodged down inside the caboose.

As he did so, the grappling hook caught hold of Dot's belt of patent leather that fastened her heavy coat about the waist.

This, however, cannot be said of the small frontier town where the spirit of progress is grappling with crude conditions.

The sailors, grappling with their adversary's craft, fought with pistol and cutlass across the gunwales.