Grasped [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Grasped:

Global vaccination must be done in a brief time frame to make sure the virus doesn’t significantly mutate and thus evade our grasp.

A playoff berth — a distant thought as of a month ago, even with the league’s generous number of invitations — was within grasp.

Terry McLaurin turned a 20-yard catch into Smith’s first touchdown pass since 2018 when he broke from the grasp of three defenders, kept from tumbling with an outstretched hand on the ground and raced another 48 yards to the end zone.

In sending machines to other worlds, even to other stars, we have no choice but to fully admit our inaccuracies and imprecisions, to be entirely, brutally honest about our limited grasp of what’s out there.

It needs new voices at the table, new narratives, and a better grasp of what value creation means.

Soon thereafter he said, “We felt after the first month we had a pretty good grasp on it and were confident in it.”

However, it’s possible that there is much more matter lurking beyond the satellite’s grasp.

It’s a huge task, but for the first time in the history of the planet, one that’s within our grasp.

My own preference is tip up, spine rearwards, positioning the handle in my grasp in such a manner that I can reach for the knife and flick it open without the additional step of altering my grip.

When she speaks of her vision for the future what is evident is her strong grasp of history and understanding of how our past influences our future.