Grasping [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Grasping:

The newborn box, for example, focuses on high contrast items and things that’ll make tummy time a little more fun, whereas later boxes bring in toys that help with finer motor skills like stacking and grasping.

She sat for a few minutes, looking abstractedly down, grasping the letter she had received.

During this conversation Harry's right hand was resting beneath his jacket, grasping the butt of his revolver.

It showed Black Hood's gauntlet covered right hand grasping the knife that was plunged into Joseph's throat.

"And thou hast saved our lives my brave lass," cried Rushmere, grasping her cold hand, which he was chafing in his own.

They demanded money, and were as grasping and cunning in their dealings as the most civilized Europeans.

But sufficient can be discerned for the grasping of the idea, which seems to be a representation of the Nativity.

Monte Irvin hesitated for a moment ere bending forward and grasping her hands.

And so Antler took courage and grasping a strong branch of a friendly spruce struggled through the deep snow.

Once the grasping power was gained, the first step of change from the quadrupedal to the semi-erect attitude was completed.