Grassland [noun]

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The study of wildlife connectivity, he notes, is relatively new, and has focused on the physical features of landscape, its water, forests, grasslands, and roads, to identify pathways for conservation.

The story of the island marble butterfly, a grassland species, illustrates the myriad forces arrayed against insects.

In fact, pesticides are one of the main reasons why grassland birds are declining so fast.

Temperate grasslands are cooler than those in the tropics, but warmer than those in polar areas.

And presently we galloped across a mile or two of level grassland and pulled up on the very brink of Sage Creek canyon.

The tents of his own militia battalion and of two others were spread over the grassland around him.

Neela, the zebra, and his family of fifteen grazed quietly near the center of a level stretch of grassland.

With sure instinct, Bong turned tail and fled with his young charges away across the grassland.

The limited ecological data available suggest that the species inhabits the open mesquite grassland of the Mexican Plateau.

On the plateau it has been collected in mesquite grassland at elevations between 1500 and 2000 meters.