Grassroots [adjective]

Definition of Grassroots:

basic, important

Opposite/Antonyms of Grassroots:

Sentence/Example of Grassroots:

This victory would be impossible without the incredible work of hundreds of grassroots volunteers.

Maskhane, a grassroots organization, brings together natural-language-processing researchers from Africa to bolster machine-translation work that has neglected nondominant languages.

The “Drag Ambassadors” have hosted dozens of grassroots events throughout the year to encourage their audiences to register and have a plan for voting.

She had to promise them that her grassroots organization, Girls United for Human Rights, would arrange for the girl’s books and school uniform.

It started with a grassroots effort and is doing some wonderful things.

I’m talking more about initiatives and policy and grassroots things that are happening.

His eye to the grassroots, Gramps had long ago understood that everything was as old as creation itself and yet was eternally new.

I saw the indications of richness there, and, overturning the earth with my pick, found gold among the very grassroots.

Goals 2000 links world-class standards to grassroots reforms and I hope Congress will pass it without delay.

In my budget, I propose a grassroots campaign to help inform families about these medical risks.