Grassy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Grassy:

Snow that falls initially in our southern areas Thursday afternoon and early in the evening may have trouble accumulating except on grassy areas with temperatures initially a bit above freezing.

Temperatures have fallen to 33 to 35 degrees, cold enough for a wet coating of snow on grassy areas in some areas.

We could see the wreckage on the hillside, and it was on fire, spreading flames to the nearby grassy area.

Reviewing Sunday’s forecastOn Sunday, our prediction of one to four inches, mostly on grassy areas, worked out for large parts of the region.

Temperatures near and a little above freezing portend a wet snow that tends to accumulate more on grassy areas.

To enjoy this salad, however, you have to really dig dill’s grassy flavor as much as I do.

The nearly 200,000 flags planted on grassy lawns were gone, and the 59 pillars of light that lined the Reflecting Pool had vanished.

That included chartering a plane with a grassy “dog toileting area” and first-class seats for the pups.

Set up camp on a raised platform on a grassy knoll overlooking Salem Sound.

I had set the trap in a grassy area where there happened to be a half-eaten vole carcass.