Grate [verb]

Definition of Grate:

shred, grind down

Synonyms of Grate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grate:

Sentence/Example of Grate:

Other telltale stories leaked out from some of his teammates, intimations of what a guttural, grating striver he was all season, how forcefully he had pushed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to this title.

Once you’ve got a nice floof of cream, grate some nutmeg or orange zest over it, or shave some chocolate on top.

If they’re chopped, just dispose of the herbs and rewrap the potatoes before placing them on the grate.

The Smokey Joe makes it easy to remove the cooking grates, dump the charcoal, and wipe everything mostly clean.

Cheese is now eaten with apple puddings and pies; but is there any nook in England where they still grate it over plum pudding?

The fire in the rusty grate had been allowed to die out, and its cold grey ashes strewed the hearth.

Peter came in and lighted the gas, and put more coal on the grate, and said Sam had gone to the station.

The rain plashed against the windows, a coal fell through the grate and dropped upon the fender.

The size of the flue for an ordinary grate is 149 in.; for a kitchen stove 1414 in.

He would sit for hours in her room, reading while she wrote, forgetting that up-stairs his fire was dying in the grate.