Gratefulness [noun]

Definition of Gratefulness:


Synonyms of Gratefulness:

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Sentence/Example of Gratefulness:

I’m really grateful that we can still create and develop amazing experiences for our visitors virtually and physically, in person, too.

I cried because I’d wished we’d caught it earlier and because I was grateful that I’d trusted my gut.

Haurylava remembered how grateful she’d felt when Ashton and other Utah health-care workers showed up to help her and her team last spring.

Their mother, Lucy, said she is grateful for the money they bring in but reminds them that she wants them to get an education.

Michelle returned the love on her own page, writing, “So grateful to have him as a partner through everything life throws at us.”

It just teaches you to be grateful for every opportunity that you get and learn to treat it like your last because you don’t know what’s to come in the future.

Throughout our careers, I think what we just say is just how grateful we are to have the opportunity to play this great game, to have played as long as we’ve played and played with so many great teams, great coaches, great players.

Your local pet shelter is a great source for finding a loving, loyal and grateful companion.

It will sweep the country and I’m grateful to Californians for setting a new higher standard for how our data is treated.

She says and does things that don’t fit the comfortable narrative of the grateful, good immigrant who just wants a spot in this country.