Gratifications [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gratifications:

You are expecting instant gratification, and that is just not the case here.

Immediate gratification is an important part of our culture.

Now, as Election Day — one of the country’s grandest instant gratification traditions — stretches into a third day and a fourth day and who knows how many more, many people just want it to stop.

A pocket photo printer lets you pick out those favorites from a camera roll or Instagram feed, while still granting the instant gratification and share-ability of a Polaroid camera.

Major media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google and Pinterest are delivering near instant gratification for both planned and unplanned purchases using shoppable media.

From childhood I had longed to see something of the world, and this excursion to Paris was the first gratification of that wish.

Mr Dean did not believe in sudden conversion, nevertheless he expressed gratification.

Among other extras, the little fellow's hair was treated to a liberal supply of eau de cologne, to his huge gratification.

He interpreted religion in a way that would give the greatest possible gratification to his senses.

The gratification of rummaging false Val's desk was an ample compensation; and the countess-dowager hugged herself with delight.