Gratified [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gratified:

Many people who’ve had what’s called the hero’s dose of psilocybin mushrooms have come through that experience gratified, informed, happier, more creative, more compassionate, more satisfied with the concept of life and death.

Your covetous wish that you and your daughter should reign at Hartledon is on the point of being gratified.

Nancy, appearing much gratified thereby, saluted him cordially.

Was it right to fill this woman with romantic aspirations that could never be gratified?

Edna was not so consciously gratified at her husband's leaving home as she had been over the departure of her father.

He had never been invited into a woman's crypts before, and he hardly knew whether he were gratified or repelled.

Jane was highly gratified by this commendation, and most eagerly availed herself of his most valuable offer.

I attended at vespers, and have seldom been more gratified with the music of the evening service.

A loud laugh greeted this remark, and Billy, smiling with condescension, said he was gratified by their approval.

By this time Dick knew full particulars of all the old families in Surrey, and he was gratified at their appearance.