Gravamen [noun]

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This hazarding of Mrs. Owen's favor became now the gravamen of his offense, the culmination of all his offenses.

The gravamen of the charge is so well known to the reader that the simple account which Phineas gave of it need not be repeated.

You will observe, of course, that the gravamen of this consists in my having done so after the confession.

A glance at his paean to Arnold Bennett at once reveals the true gravamen of his objection to Dreiser.

An open pocketbook will easily secure a petition for pardon, it makes but little difference as to the "gravamen" of the crime.

Mr. Stone's frail form, bent somewhat to one side by the increased gravamen of the osier bag, was now seen moving homewards.

The gravamen of the charge against Ishmael lies in the last word of Gen. xxi.

But foreigners are treated as outside the law, which is the gravamen of the Chinese offence against them.

The gravamen of the heresy seems to have been the suggestion that there were men not of the progeny of Adam.

The gravamen of their complaint lay in the fact that I reintroduced the same characters so often!