Graveling [verb]

Definition of Graveling:

cover with asphalt, concrete

Synonyms of Graveling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Graveling:

Dig up


Sentence/Example of Graveling:

Fast on pavement and smooth on gravel, the third iteration of the Diverge fits all of my needs.

Since March, I’ve ridden exclusively on waxed chains for road, gravel, and mountain biking.

Using a refrigerator in his father’s lab at the University of Hawaii, Rylan filled beakers with a layer of gravel.

In an earlier test, we had the chance to hurl a Cullinan along a snow-frosted, high-altitude gravel fire road.

Not every gravel bike will have enough tire clearance for its heft, but the smaller, 40-millimeter version is also a winner.

The State Highway Commission has set aside funds for graveling this section preparatory to surfacing.

Article 24, proposing the graveling of a sidewalk, was referred to the selectmen.