Gravelled [verb]

Definition of Gravelled:

cover with asphalt, concrete

Synonyms of Gravelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gravelled:

Dig up


Sentence/Example of Gravelled:

On one side, under the trees, was a tow path, and on the other a broad and smoothly gravelled road.

"With all my heart," returned Evelyn gayly, and away they went, racing down the broad gravelled walk in merry girlish fashion.

A moment afterwards, instead of the one shadow upon the gravelled walk, there were two.

Housing the Imp, he quietly crossed the lawn to the window, avoiding any sound of footsteps on the gravelled paths.

He had stopped short on the gravelled pathway, half-way between the chapel and the entrance to the school.

Twas a ghastly thing to watch him stump the gravelled walk of our garden in the gray light of that day.

So in almost no time all four were in the narrow gravelled passage that runs between that house and the next.

In front there was a smooth, green lawn, and at the side a lovely flower garden, with nicely gravelled walks leading through it.

He paced up and down the gravelled path before the Residency, his hands behind him.

Midway up the gravelled walk Wilbur Cowan began a gurgling oration.