Graves [adjective]

Definition of Graves:

serious; gloomy

Synonyms of Graves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Graves:

Sentence/Example of Graves:

“Big picture, the way I’m looking at it, I’m gonna go to my grave thinking I helped the city save millions and millions of dollars by helping the city secure control of two long-term assets,” Wood said.

The architects are likely rolling in their graves at this use of their plans, but our attention to detail allowed the producers of the virtual commencement video to transition seamlessly from the animated dome to images of the real one.

We need to use it as something that makes the situation more grave, rather than the only reason to give them protection.

You’ll see it a lot on social media today in contexts that aren’t so grave and somber … like that chicken sandwich.

Cassidy and Bradley’s team studied DNA from 44 individuals buried in various Irish tombs and graves dating to between roughly 6,600 and 4,500 years ago.

The water suggested the fear that he must be nearing the open sea, and he became supernaturally grave.

After his death crowds flocked to his grave to touch his holy monument, till the authorities caused the church yard to be shut.

They carried the two bodies together on some litters, and buried them both in the same grave.

He, therefore, did as he said; made no further observation, but conducted himself to his young friend with grave distance.

As soon as he had seen his mother, he would set off again, and never cease searching till he had found either Ramona or her grave.