Gravestone [noun]

Definition of Gravestone:

memorial, remembrance

Synonyms of Gravestone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gravestone:


Sentence/Example of Gravestone:

Elizabeth interferes, in everything from the baby’s gravestone to the lawsuit she pushes forward in order to punish Eva.

I copied it myself from a gravestone in the churchyard of the village of Wingfield, Suffolk.

As he entered the suburb, he drew up by the statuary of whom he had purchased his mother's gravestone.

A marriage there was—God yet will proclaim the right—and the name of Beaufort shall be yet placed on my mother's gravestone.

Even the gravestone of Catherine, half in moonlight, half in shadow, appeared to him to wear a smile.

This was the first time I had been struck by an allegorical gravestone of a pronounced character.

The day had broken when he awoke, and found himself lying on the flat gravestone, with the wicker-bottle empty by his side.

This one, the Richmond example, and the two at Ripley constitute my entire experience of full relief work on a mere gravestone.

Those which can boast an antiquity greater than that of the common gravestone are very few indeed.

From one cause or another it is pretty certain that for every old gravestone now to be seen twenty or more have disappeared.