Graveyard [noun]

Definition of Graveyard:

burial area

Synonyms of Graveyard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Graveyard:


Sentence/Example of Graveyard:

For questioning the highest authority and breaking the rules, including smoking in the graveyard, Byrne is kicked out of the seminary.

Tab, the Coca-Cola company’s original diet soda brand, is headed to the soda graveyard, joining retired brands such as Like, Leed and Limette.

There’s a graveyard filled with all the ideas that didn’t work.

It seemed destined for the graveyard of incorrect physical theories.

In 1763 the chapel was enlarged, and at the same time a little more land was added to the graveyard.

I made a short cut across the graveyard of Saint Francis, or I must have met the escort.

The solitary footfall amid the silence reminds me of the timid haste of one crossing a graveyard at night.

It was the custom to place slaves thus at the feet of their masters, even in the graveyard.

The graveyard of our Parish Church is, we dare say, something which very few people think of.

Let him go to the graveyard, and yell his craziness out among the graves;—and not disturb honest men in their sleep.