Gravid [adjective]

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His gravid glance encountered the prominent feet in the third story window of the Linder mansion, and rested.

The holotype, a gravid female, is the largest known specimen (31 mm., snout-vent length).

Much free blood may be due to the bursting, or abortion, of a gravid tube.

When a gravid tube is detected before rupture, the operation is practically that of ophorectomy: and is simple and safe.

Clasping pairs and gravid females have been found mostly from June to August throughout its range.

I supplied these colonists with a gravid queen, so they very quickly became satisfied with their new home.

On one occasion I gave him a gravid lobster and came very near losing him thereby.

The gravid female always retains an upright position at this time, as indeed she does at other times.

Oblivious of the gravid mother and the future brood, the male gives her no assistance in her exhausting task.

In such a proceeding I see the attempt of a gravid mother pressed for time to obtain prompt information.