Gravitating [verb]

Definition of Gravitating:

be drawn toward; fall to

Synonyms of Gravitating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gravitating:

Sentence/Example of Gravitating:

Walters had gravitated during law school to apply to firms because she was worried about paying off student loans.

Younger folks are driving the trend, gravitating toward smaller camper vans and vehicles under 30 feet long.

It helps that when consumers are worried about the health of themselves and their families, they gravitate toward brands they know.

Over time, many of these startups gravitate toward a setup where the bulk of R&D remains in Europe, but all the executives, the go-to market teams, and the CEO become based there.

I suspect there are two reasons athletes originally have gravitated to gaiters.

“We continue to see the guests gravitate towards the ease and convenience and contact-free ways to shop through our digital channels,” Target chief executive Brian Cornell told reporters on a conference call Thursday.

One may say a gravitating solar system is already prophesied in the nature of Newton's mind.

During this time he was slowly gravitating towards the life of a student of science.

The world came to admire the two splendid stars gently gravitating towards each other in the musical firmament of the Opera House.

She found herself naturally gravitating over to see Beatrice.