Gray [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gray:

In fact, vaccines have already been used successfully in gray seals for contraceptive purposes, so we know the technology is there.

Coyotes look like medium-sized dogs or small wolves with short gray and brown fur.

The resentment was exacerbated by the fact that Mosby’s own office had recently requested heightened enforcement in exactly the area where Gray was arrested.

Even when told to look for a world gone gray, the students didn’t notice until about two-thirds of the color was gone.

Very trim and strong, and confident he looked, with the glow of youth in his cheeks, and the spark of happiness in his gray eyes.

They nodded at each other when they met, and the gray man showed him a little ship with rigging that took up and down.

Some hidden magnetism burst from him like an aura, and his cold pasty face and light gray eyes flamed into positive beauty.

They climbed another dune, and came upon the great gray sea at low tide.

The gray eyes, once flashing with the light of kindly humor, now softened with sympathy, now glowed with pity.

For hours the gray man would sit on a tombstone, while Black Sheep read epitaphs, and then with a sigh would stump home again.