Graybeard [noun]

Definition of Graybeard:

male head

Synonyms of Graybeard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Graybeard:

Sentence/Example of Graybeard:

The old man had taken the young man's part, and the youth that of the graybeard.

All three phases of time belong to man, the past to the graybeard, the future to youth, and the present to childhood.

What charm could such a one as she is find in a graybeard like myself?

Take that, honest graybeard, for the old hunter (forces a heavy purse upon him).

A graybeard with a young face came out rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

Never was a young man snatched from a circle of loving friends with tenderer regret than this old graybeard.

Then he relinquished the controls to the graybeard beside him, and motioned Nat to precede him into the stateroom.

He clapped Nat on the shoulder again, and called the graybeard to conduct him back to his prison.

Strother (now an active graybeard) was profoundly stirred by the outbreak of the rebellion.

One desperate graybeard vaulted over the railing, only to be hustled back with contumely.