Grazer [noun]

Definition of Grazer:

person who produces crops, raises animals

Synonyms of Grazer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grazer:


Sentence/Example of Grazer:

Police said the man was struck in the upper body and one officer was grazed with a bullet.

The man was struck by gunfire, while one officer suffered a minor graze to the arm, police said.

Through the practices of rotating crops, prioritizing soil health, and grazing animals in rotation to mimic the natural wild movement of animals in the past, farmers can regenerate the land, leaving it more diverse and resilient.

Vaguely camel-like and rhinolike herbivores grazed the landscape.

But the grazer had a copy of 'orders,' too, and he had hired a lawyer to find out how he could get out of them.

He had heard that some grazer from your county, Abner, was on the way up to buy the cattle for stockers.

An Austrian who was in the town afterwards described the attack in the Grazer Tagespost.

There is no doubt that the climate of California gives some exceptional advantages to the sheep-grazer.

A sheep-grazer in Placer County loaded ten railroad cars with wool, the clip of his own sheep.

Croese says the shoemaker and cattle grazer lived in Nottingham.