Grazier [noun]

Definition of Grazier:

ranch owner

Synonyms of Grazier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grazier:


Sentence/Example of Grazier:

Samuel Jessup died; an opulent English grazier, of pilltaking notoriety.

They are peculiarly the grazier's animal, as they improve rapidly and mature early on medium feed.

Neither the resolution itself nor the heart-rending appeal of the grazier produced the slightest effect on the railway company.

Mr. Grating would propose him, and he was to be seconded by Mr. Shortribs, the butcher and grazier.

There is not a blade of anything which an Eastern grazier would recognize as grass between this boundary and the Rocky Mountains.

Some object to the North Devon, and class him as a small animal, with the remark, 'He is too small for the grazier.'

They cover a number of different occupations, and perhaps the words 'grazier' and 'grazing' ought to be substituted.

The merchant consented, on condition that his friend Mahommed the grazier should go along with them.

He looked at first sight a grazier from the shires or some new-made squire of a moderate estate.

On the contrary, says he, who among the country people live lazier lives than the grazier and the dairyman?