Grease [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Grease:

Some of my teammates sat in the nearby parking lot running their bike chains through rags to clean the grease.

Levels of ammonia, oils and greases, phosphorus, nitrates, coliform bacteria and several substances associated with the presence of wastewater exceeded limits set in both countries.

When the pot has cooled, wipe out any remaining grease with a paper towel and burn that.

Again, this step requires a lot of elbow grease, so bear that in mind.

Those individuals the doctors could not attend to dressed their wounds with generous amounts of vaseline and axle grease smeared onto their limbs.

At the back, near a stand that racked a number of grease guns, he saw a second telephone fixed to the wall.

From the canvas wrapping George took out and tossed on the counter a square packet wrapped in grease-paper.

A lack of processed candles and kerosene oil left only grease and wax to be utilized for making handmade candles.

Bill looked at his watch and suggested that they eat first before they got all over grease by monkeying with the rear end.

He found much lost motion and four broken teeth, and he was grease to his eyebrows—in other words, he was happy.