Greasy [adjective]

Definition of Greasy:

slippery, oily

Synonyms of Greasy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Greasy:


Sentence/Example of Greasy:

If your hair has been more greasy than usual this year, it’s worth looking into.

The nanoparticles are, basically, tiny greasy spheres that protect the mRNA and help it slide inside cells.

Ill wager that greasy foreigner has got a wife and ten childrenand neglects them.

The greasy surface, dotted here and there with specks of vegetable, resembles a pool of stagnant water covered with green slime.

The tin glides over the greasy surface, noiselessly, smoothly, till the thick layer of filth is worn off.

His hair was long and tangled and greasy, and hung down, and you could see his eyes shining through like he was behind vines.

Then the Factor cleaned a greasy hand upon his beard, and stretched himself with a sigh of satisfaction.

At the high temperature of the triple burner, a semi-solid, red, greasy substance collected in and closed the condenser tube.

The old man is laboriously reading the same chapter from his old, greasy, and bethumbed embossed Bible.

They wear greasy blue overalls and carry tin luncheon-cans, and use cotton-waste for handkerchiefs.