Greatcoat [noun]

Definition of Greatcoat:

personal outerwear

Synonyms of Greatcoat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Greatcoat:


Sentence/Example of Greatcoat:

I popped my ten officers in, and went off with the Brigade-Major's greatcoat in my hurry!

I have some looted straw on the clay, and here I sit and shiver, with my greatcoat and a blanket and mud up to my eyes.

He hadn't taken nothin' from the till—hadn't even put on his greatcoat—so it was quite clear he warn't gone to 'Merriker.

Without even putting on his greatcoat, he went down the snowy path now, unlocked the box, and took out a letter.

He hustled the old shepherd out of his dripping plaid and greatcoat and spread them to the blaze.

While he was putting on his greatcoat in the hall, the butler assisting him, the ancient female servant came to him again.

Of a sudden the tall, ungainly form of Percy Singleton filled the doorway, wrapped in a greatcoat.

Maitland began to try to huddle himself into his greatcoat, that he might crawl to the window and shout to Dakyns, his scout.

They covered the wounded man with Varden's greatcoat, and carried him to Mrs. Rudge's house hard by.

In the cart sat a thick-set peasant, in a new greatcoat, with a beard streaked with grey.