Greatly [adverb]

Definition of Greatly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Greatly:

Sentence/Example of Greatly:

The President was greatly disappointed when told we couldn’t fly there.

They greatly outshined other animals known to survive digestion-by-predator.

They say they are aggrieved by the charges against their fellow officers, public criticism of their department as a whole or growing calls to greatly reduce their powers and resources.

In fact, Ellie Mae has already added technology that greatly reduces errors.

These restorations feature greatly enhanced picture quality and are often released with a variety of fascinating special features.

The president greatly misjudged the anger his unlawful policies would unleash across this country.

Some states, like Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota and South Dakota, have risen to the challenge, greatly expanding their use of absentee voting and reporting few problems at the polls.

Advertising is greatly reduced, due to this decreases the advertising competition.

Combined with SEO and quality content, you can greatly increase the quality of your traffic.

For scientists who study Martian geology, having diverse samples from a known field location will greatly boost our understanding of Mars’ core, the history of its climate, and the potential life that once may have existed there.