Greedily [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Greedily:

In 2017, the bubble was inflated by so-called Initial Coin Offerings, which saw hucksters sell mostly worthless new currencies to a greedy and gullible public, and then plow the profits back into Bitcoin.

John Mackey, in a burst of typical authenticity, called the hedge fund “greedy bastards.”

Out upon the linoleum 29 rolled the glistening coinsseveral of them gold piecesthat Jess had noted so greedily in the egg store.

There were bright blankets and shawls, the latter greedily eyed by every Indian woman who came into the store.

Listen, Mr. Garford, said Drinkwater desperately, his eyes flashing greedily with the thought of escaping commissions.

The fevered mules plunged in headlong and drank greedily; the riders were perforce obliged to slake their thirst after them.

They "supped full of horrors," and listened greedily to tales of death, which served to weaken and terrify.

There was half a bottle of thin wine remaining from his last meal, and he drank it greedily.

He stood away from her a moment, scanning her tense face greedily, satisfied at last.

Of this milk the other children drank greedily, and then asked to see the bird dance.