Greediness [noun]

Definition of Greediness:

extreme greed

Synonyms of Greediness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Greediness:

Sentence/Example of Greediness:

She positively wanted to pass back one or two of the saucers for refilling, but was ashamed of her greediness.

But, with all their greediness and eagerness, they left ten feet square untouched on each side the subterranean.

Why ever do they put up with him, and his cruelty and greediness?

Yes; it is just that greediness that all men have, and which I find, at the same time, so dangerous and incomprehensible.

This is by no means greediness, for a measured appetite is essentially incompatible with the conditions of Indian life.

Not once did I see a trace of greediness or even eagerness, though interest was marked.

This was so unlike an Indian housewife that he cast reproaches at her and accused her of greediness.

These so excite the greediness of the crowd that a fray results, in which three children are seriously wounded.

The sensuous nature drank in, with a kind of dainty greediness, the scene before her.

It was a gulf, called the Gulf of Greediness, and in its furious waves many ships were wrecked.